duminică, 12 septembrie 2010

Carte returnata dupa 35 de ani

" Library gets book back after some 35 years

Someone returns it during the library's Amnesty Week for overdue books

WINONA, Minn. — Librarians at Winona Public Library were thrilled this week when someone returned a book that had been checked out some 35 years ago.
The book is called "Small Voices: A Grownup's Treasury of Selections from the Diaries, Journals and Notebooks of Young Children." It's a collection of journal entries that prominent public figures had written as children. Someone left it in the library's drop-box as part of the its Amnesty Week for overdue books.
Reference librarian Robin DeVries said she's thrilled to get it back.
Records suggest it was checked out in the early 1970s. But because the circulation system has since changed, it's not clear who last checked it out.
The Winona Daily News said the overdue fine would have been more than $1,400. "

si suferea bibliotecara la mine in generala ca am o carte nereturnata de 5 luni..

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