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Episoade preferate din Supernatural

Am ajuns la sezonul 5 din Supernatural, si vreau sa pun aici un top 6, cu episoadele care mi'au parut cele mai marfa din sezoanele 1-4. Imi este lene sa scriu eu ce se intampla in fiecare episod, asa ca voi pune de pe net, in engleza.

Acestea ar fi :
6.Sezonul 2 - Episodul 18 : Hollywood Babylon
After a stagehand is apparently killed by a spirit on the set of a horror film, Sam and Dean head to Los Angeles to investigate. They learn that it was only a publicity stunt, but a studio executive (Gary Cole) soon dies at the hands of a ghostly woman—a young actress who committed suicide in the 1920s after being seduced and then fired by a studio executive. Though the brothers salt and burn her remains, another producer is killed. Sam then notices that the Latin in the film's script is an actual summoning ritual. The writer, Martin Flagg (Michael B. Silver), tells them that the rituals are from the original script written by production assistant Walter Dixon (Benjamin Ratner). They confront Walter, who admits that he has been summoning spirits to get revenge against the people he believes ruined his script. He destroys the talisman used in the rituals, but the now free spirits kill him for what he did. 

5.Sezonul 2 - Episodul 09 : Croatoan
After Sam has a premonition of Dean killing a defenseless man, the brothers head to Rivergrove, Oregon to investigate. There, Sam notices "CROATOAN" carved into a pole, reminding him of the missing colony of Roanoke. They soon find that all forms of communication have been shut down, and extremely violent townspeople are blocking the roads out. They go to a local doctor's office, where a doctor finds that the blood of the violent people has been infected by a virus containing sulfur, leading Sam to believe his father's theory of Croatoan being a demonic plague. A woman in the office suddenly turns violent and attacks Sam. She infects him with her blood before Dean is able to kill her. Sam tries to kill himself, but Dean stops him. Moments later, it is learned that all of the infected people have suddenly vanished, leaving the town deserted. Sam has his blood tested, and finds out that he was not infected. After the brothers leave town, one of the survivors is revealed to be a demon; it contacts someone to inform him that Sam is immune to the virus.  

4.Sezonul 1 - Episodul 04 : Phantom Traveler
The brothers are asked by a man whom Dean and his father had previously rescued to investigate the mysterious crash of a commercial airplane that left only seven survivors, with signs pointing to a demonically-possessed passenger causing the accident. When they realize that the demon is now eliminating the survivors one by one, Dean is forced to face his fear of flying by following its next target (Jaime Ray Newman) aboard an airliner. He and Sam manage to get the demon into a restroom on-board, but it flees its host during the exorcism. Despite this, they continue the ritual, sending the demon back to Hell.  

3.Sezonul 4 - Episodul 17 : It's A Terrible Life
Dean has gone missing....and finds himself in an alternate reality in which he is a Wall Street Tycoon surrounded by a haunting that is forcing his co-workers to kill themselves.He later finds out this was all just a "test", by Castiel's superior, Zackariah.

 2.Sezonul 2 - Episodul 20 : What Is and What Should Never Be
 Dean is attacked by a djinn, and suddenly finds himself in a world in which his mother had never been killed by Azazel. He and Sam were not brought up as hunters, and thus are no longer close. Although Dean enjoys his new life, a ghostly young woman seems to be haunting him. When he realizes that all the people that he and Sam had saved as hunters are now dead, he decides that he must give up his new-found happiness to save them. Though Sam does not believe him, he accompanies his brother to the djinn's lair. There Dean discovers that the young woman he has been seeing is a victim of the creature. Noticing that she is alive but hallucinating—a way for the djinn to keep its victims captive while it feeds—Dean realizes that he, too, is within a illusory world. Dean forces himself awake as Sam rescues him in the real world, and kills the attacking djinn.

1.Sezonul 3 - Episodul 11 : Mystery Spot
Sam relives the same day over and over, continually having to deal with Dean's death. Determined to stop the time loop, he repeatedly tries to alter the day or otherwise prevent his brother's death from ever occurring. After repeated failures, a slight change in how the day plays out tips Sam off on whom the culprit really is. He confronts the man and it is revealed to be a Trickster, whom the brothers believed they had killed some time before. Sam attempts to kill him, but the Trickster ends the loop and allows the brothers to leave. The day after, Dean is shot by a mugger and dies. Distraught, Sam turns dark and dedicates his life to tracking down the Trickster. Eventually, they meet once again, and Sam begs the Trickster to fix things.

Mi'au placut in special episoadele care implicau calatorire in timp, si chestii cu timp :D
p.s. : Nu am mai ras de unul singur asa mult ca la episodul "Mystery Spot" , cred ca de la That 70's Show :)))

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