marți, 10 noiembrie 2009

Chestie tare

Am gasit asta pe un site, cautand tot felu' de chestii, pentru ca n'aveam ce face :

" In 199(4/5?) there was a plane accident in my country. The pilot of that plane died, but I happen to know his eldest son during my 4th year of elementary school.

Being a maths prodigy and the eldest child in his family, everyone had high expectations for him. I thought that that was one of the things we had in common, as I too am the eldest, and one of the only 2 to carry my family's name in this generation.

I don't know why the elders make such a great fuss over it. "You can do better!", "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!", "If you fall, you drag the whole family along in the mud!"... I think that it is very difficult to come to meet with so many expectations. Hence, we used to text message each other "hang in there!" and all sorts of encouragement during our last year of secondary school.

We've long gone our separate ways since then. The only text messages we send now is "HELP I HAVE PUREMATHS EXAM TOMORROW! I NEED TO BORROW YOUR BRAIN!" or "I HAVE A TEST TOMORROW! CAN I BORROW YOUR LUCK FOR A FEW HOURS?" because my brain is unusable.

I tried to recreate that nostalgic feeling of our younger days, where amidst this dark, forlorn society, I would look up to the sky and type on my phone.
"Do you see it? The sky is so blue! Hang in there!"

Hitting the 'send' button felt more like an encouragement to myself. "

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